EACH is the acronym for “Everyone A Chance to Hear”. It is a Spirit-led organization made up of Christ followers in the Metro Detroit area that are unifying to conduct a Gospel saturation campaign (Good News and good deeds) in the various communities that make up the area. The name of the campaign will be revealed at a later date.


Big Family of Michigan is an organization helping to make life better for children waiting to be adopted, or in at-risk situations. They work with adoption organizations, foster parents, social workers and the children to try to help make sure all are working in harmony and the children are receiving the love, care, and items they need and require to become successful adults.


Abigayle Ministries is a Christian interdenominational non-profit organization in Southeast Michigan. The ministry assists adult pregnant women and their children by introducing them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping them to be self-sufficient through its residential program and community resource center.